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Tiny tot tales of day today mischiefs of tiger twins cubs Trigo and Tina with a
Tiger – y twist.



4 years old, Male, Tiger  Imaginative Trigo sees wonders in the world around him— he loves to learn something new, be it learning to fly a kite or making Halloween costumes from scratch. He is eager to try things out himself and is often encouraged to do so by his supportive parents and affectionate sister. Trigo is impulsive and often can‘t wait to get started on an activity that looks exciting.

Also, he is naive and doesn’t think through — when he gets into trouble, he often tries to fix it himself, which makes the situation more muddled. Trigo is a bit clumsy and prone to accidents, though with each mess up, he tries to get better. He loves the outdoors and his favorite meal is Sardine Sandwiches with French Fries along with a tall loss of Choco Mango Milkshake,


6 years old, Female, Tiger.  Tina is Trigo’s elder sister and already attends school. She is a chirpy, creative girl cub who is quite rational and patient for her age. She loves Trigo and happily spends hours of play with her kid brother, often introducing him to new hobbies or games. Tina loves both the indoors and the  outdoors and thus spends equal hours in parks climbing trees or on the beach building sandcastles as she does creating feather tiaras or making finger puppets.

Tina is mostly patient with Trigo even though he does tend to mess up the toy box quite a bit. She is a fast learner and very alert, often it is Tina who tunes in when she feels Vivo is naughtily persuading Trigo to do mischief which her naive little brother doesn’t realize is a prank.


Papa or Colonel T as the rest of Kritoville call him used to be a decorated officer of the military until he decided to take voluntary retirement. Now, he is a stay at home consultant and spends his free time gardening and ‘fixing up’ the house. Despite his military background, Papa is quite opposite to the rigid, rule driven approach. He is a jolly man who is tolerant of Trigo’s trip ups as he himself can get a bit absent minded from time to time.

Papa drives an open truck in which he often rides along with Trigo and Tina into town as they run errands or take Mama’s pies and cakes to fairs. Papa loves camping and barbecues though he often burns the burgers and forgets to bring along the tent poles. He has an old trunk of military paraphernalia but he has a great attachment to these and prefers that Trigo and Tina treat them with the same respect that he does.


Female, Housewife / Community Worker, Tiger Mama, or Mrs T as her friends and neighbors refer to her, is a powerhouse of energy. Mama not only takes care of the house, cooks, cleans and bakes like a dream but she also runs many activities such as Health Marathons and Adopt a Pet days. She is kind, affectionate and very encouraging of all of Tina and Trigo’s efforts.

She is patient and calm in most situations and has a subtle sense of  humour. Mama is the no nonsense kind and appreciates honesty. She is tolerant of her husband’s efforts to be an all in one handyman but always has a back up plan ready just in case. Mama drives a small hatchback in which Trigo rides with her to his kindergarten or to the little league practice.


Male, Macaw, Vivo came to the T household as Mr T’s retirement souvenir. He was discovered on one of Mr T’s squad operations in deep Africa and had been ever since a squad mascot. Vivo is extremely sharp and has a quick witted one liner to add to any conversation happening in the house. He is pampered by the T family but from time to time, Vivo hungers for some thrill and these are the times he persuades Trigo to launch ‘operations’ in other words, pranks that will get Vivo his favourite chilli cookie or an unauthorised ride on the battery plane.

Vivo believes to be himself the unplugged alarm system of the household and cheerily breaks into the characteristic hooting call ‘Trigo Trouble, Trigo Trouble’ to alert the others when Trigo has inadvertently caused a mess.




Episode Director, Story board artist, Matte painting artist, Technical director, QC artist,
3D Visual effects artist, Editor, Production coordinator.  Age no bar, Experience no bar
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