Plot follows Omi and Mira close friends combating and investigating mysteries
and unexplained occurrences! Many of them are based on Indian folklore as
well as Indian Mythical stories



Omi is a street smart, curious and adventurous 10—year old boy spending most of his time hunting and demystifying the mysteries. Armed with a mystery book, he is one of the two main protagonists of the show who dares to investigate the great Indian mysteries and solve the riddles and at times save the rare artefacts from those with evil intentions.

He is a huge Indiana Jones fan and aspires to be like him and want to help the government when he grows up. Due to this fanboy image he is sometimes seen with fedora, lasso and a satchel. Omi is an avid reader, righteous, impulsive and pretty brave for his age.

He would be a perfect explorer if he had patience. Yes! He spoils his own tasks due to haste. Also he is scared of darkness and why shouldn’t he be, after all he is just a kid.




Hahu is Omi’s cute adorable pet monkey. He is very mischievous, a good prankster and of a cheerful nature. When not playing pranks on Omi or Mira he is alert and whenever Hanu feels a threat to him or his friends he will attack like an assassin, with surprise and fast speed.

His agility is his strength and also he has a peculiar weapon, the bananas which he often carries on the adventures. He uses the banana peel to make his adversaries slip onto it or he stomps on the bananas causing the banana to pop out of its skin like a bullet to strike his opponents.



Same as age as Omi Mira is equally adventurous and competent as Omi but not as brave as him, but brave enough to embark with him on all his adventures. Though good friends with Omi they constantly bicker and banter mostly just to prove each other who is more adventurous amongst the both.

She is a girl whom you go to when in doubt. She knows about almost everything. She is like a walking talking encyclopaedia. She has a unique ability to shatter anything and everything to smithereens by her ballistic screams. Her high pitched cries is the last thing Omiexpects when together. She is an absolute bounce ball, energetic, optimistic, hyperactive, enthusiastic, and free spirited.



Although he is not a recurring character, his paths crosses with Omi’s during some of the adventures. Batuknath is infamously known as Bhes Batuknath for his pure skill of being a master of disguise. He is also an explorer just like Omi and Mira but what makes them different are their intentions.

Batuknath is a rich guy who always walks with his bodyguard, a big guy without brains. Batukanth wants to lay his hands on most of the ancient artefacts and build a private museum before inviting the riches from around the world and sell the artefacts to them to satisfy his greed. He is the most despicable bad guy ever to manipulate anyone to meet his selfish needs. He often shows disregard for the effects of his actions on the world around him.




Episode Director, Story board artist, Matte painting artist, Technical director, QC artist,
3D Visual effects artist, Editor, Production coordinator.  Age no bar, Experience no bar
If you've got what it takes, we have a place for you. Send your resumes at: 


Thought Cloud Studio is a spark of imagination, an inspiration. Sprightly animation company based out of Bangalore, India, where animation technology interweaves with the art of story telling.


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