Animation series
The triplet clowns, whose pint sized bodies hold a planet sized package of
mischief and mayhem!



Eldest of the clown triplets, Giggle is the leader of the gang. He is often dressed in a purple clown hat. His dream is to fly, not literally but on the trapeze so when not clowning around he is busy practicing the trapeze.

He often acts as a mediator between Chuckle and Laff in their innumerable quarrels. He’s kind-hearted, has a great sense of humour and excitement about life. He has a unique ability to pull out various props and objects from under his drape that leads to a slapstick action.


Donning Yellow clown hat, he is the most notorious among the triplets. He is curious to a fault. His boundless curiosity initiates trouble with many, and especially grandiose plans of Zabini! He is always making a fool of Laff by pulling a prank, thus resulting in a quarrel. Chuckle unlike Giggle is afraid of heights, so he hates the Trapeze. But often lands up on heights during the chase or actions thus bringing in more chaos.

He is a fantastic juggler. Not just with the balls, bottles and melons but even with various kinds of household items like chairs, stools, tyres etc.


Laff is youngest of the triplets. He is cute and adorable in his red clown hat. He always craves for a super heroic entry and so practices to blast off to work in a cannon or free falling from the big top using the harness or ride a tower of unicycles, the perfect balancing act. Well, he is still trying and not succeeded in either of his grand entries.

He is mostly seen on unicycle, on the stage, behind the stage and in his daily life. He can ride his unicycle practically on anything; on ropes, canopy, pipes and tree trunks including walls. He even turns it upside down on the ropes and using the paddles as hook of unicycle he uses it to slide down during a chase.


The Ring Master, He’s a heavily build man aptly fitting for a Ringmaster position in the Circus. Zabini feels he has the divine right to be general law-enforcer and indeed law—giver. Like all self proclaimed leaders he has a superiority complex which makes him want to take control of everything in the circus.

He loves to admire himself in the mirror to an extent to give a complex to the mirror itself. Zabini hates the fact that Jollies steal the limelight of every show and hence has made it his mission to get these clowns thrown out of the circus and then take it over form Daisy. His plump body makes him exhaust easily and hence he at times invents or imports fancy gadgets from all over the world which helps him scheme things against Jollies.



The Circus Owner, Righteous Loving and Caring  She is the woman of the house or rather the Circus. Sweet, calm and hearty, she is the proud owner of the circus and treats every being under the big canopy as her family.

Knowing the Jollies are pranksters, she is extremely patient with them, stands by all their mayhem and loves them immensely, this special attention to Joliies irks Zabini.




Episode Director, Story board artist, Matte painting artist, Technical director, QC artist,
3D Visual effects artist, Editor, Production coordinator.  Age no bar, Experience no bar
If you've got what it takes, we have a place for you. Send your resumes at: 


Thought Cloud Studio is a spark of imagination, an inspiration. Sprightly animation company based out of Bangalore, India, where animation technology interweaves with the art of story telling.


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