A rebel movement gains momentum in Lanka, the capital city of the Asuras. They pledge allegiance to Indra, king of the Devas. Raavana, the mighty king of Lanka, fears for the safety of his son, Meghanath, a gifted young boy with a penchant for performing tricks and going on adventures with his band of brothers. This spirited lad’s worldview is shattered when the rebels attempt to assassinate him. He learns that there are people out there with a vendetta against him and his race. People who have stood in the way of Lanka’s progress. Meghanath vows to avenge the Asuras and reclaim their pride.

With Guru Shukracharya’s guidance, he masters the art of warfare and acquires the most powerful weapons in the universe. When his training is complete, Meghanath attacks Devlok, the home of Indra, and single—handedly defeats the King of Devas. His victory earns him the title of “lndrajeet” or “conqueror of Indra”. Fearing Indrajeet’s backlash, the Lankan rebels go into hiding.

Having subdued Lanka’s enemies, Indrajeet focuses on taking the Asura nation to new heights. While his father’s reign inspired fear, he envisions his reign inspiring hope. He joins an intergalactic council and promises to work with the celestial Gods to maintain peace across the universe. He opens the borders of Lanka to people of all faiths and backgrounds. He seeks alliance with a princess from a powerful serpent race. For a while, an air of optimism engulfs the Asura homeland.But when an unforeseen incident shakes Lanka’s pride, it changes the course of the Asura nation and reshapes Indrajeet’s destiny…




Episode Director, Story board artist, Matte painting artist, Technical director, QC artist,
3D Visual effects artist, Editor, Production coordinator.  Age no bar, Experience no bar
If you’ve got what it takes, we have a place for you. Send your resumes at: 


Thought Cloud Studio is a spark of imagination, an inspiration. Sprightly animation company based out of Bangalore, India, where animation technology interweaves with the art of story telling.


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