Guardian to the great empire of Bharata, this skilled warrior has the goodwill of the great Emperor Ashoka. He knows secrets of nature that even the wisest of sages take decades to master and is blessed with a divine power that keeps even the fiercest of villains at bay. And yet he really loves a good game of marbles or a hilarious prank to break the monotony of training. In other words, he is every bit a ten year old! He is Dev, nemesis of all evil who ousts villains with a dash of puckish humour and a dollop of intellect.



Residing in the caves of Mount Pashu skirting the city at Pushkara, Dev may seem like a recluse- however he is anything but that. Dev loves company, be that of leaves drifting in the breeze. fireflies glinting in the dark or that of his whacky gourmet friend Shambhu. He was born with a Roudramani— a sacred stone that nestles at his neck and gifts him with powers of supernatural strength, the abiiity to  understand the call of animals and the knack of reading cosmic signs. 

At the onset of danger, Dev is able to transform into a warrior with enhanced flexibility, agility and strength. However, this power of his wanes within a specific time and requires positivity to rebuild. Thus it is often that Dev, who has a penchant for pranks, has to himself undo his mischief to regain his positive aura or risk hours of meditation in the solitary. Dev is the unanimous leader of all kids in town and founder of their secret tribe, the Shoor Vansh, kids aspiring to become heroes like Dev himself. The Shoor Vansh keep Dev abreast of suspicious characters they spot around the border.




It was told to Dev, that Eka was born of lightning and found as a baby nestled next to him. Eka is inseparable from Dev and often acts as his conscience. Dev’s power of transformation extends to Eka as well, the latter being his trusted companion.

Otherwise a friendly, fun-Ioving little tax, on transformation, Eka emerges as a mighty battIe-beast, by himself a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise fearless. Eka does have a distinct dislike for water or baths!




Samrat Ashoka‘s daughter and Dev‘s comrade-in-arms, Princess Tara is the apple of her father’s eye. Unmatched in swordplay, she is never quite the damsel in distress that Dev teases her to be, and is no stranger to danger. 

Quick-witted and outspoken, Tara is the only one who can match Dev‘s verbal repartee. Though soft-hearted, Tara doesn‘t have much patience and is often too impulsive.



A giant of a warrior with a mind as naive as a four year old, Shambhu idolizes Dev and aspires to “protect” him. However, the problem lies in the fact he has absolutely no aim and is more a hindrance than a help during a fight. Shambhu is a gourmet cook and can whip up delicacies with a knack that Dev sometimes wishes the former would exhibit in archery instead.

More than fearless, Shambhu is clueless, glibly walking right into danger despite all warnings. He has a soft spot for dangerous creatures and keeps trying to rear them as his pets which is often a cause of concern forTara and the rest of the kingdom- though Dev finds this amusing.



The learned ascetic of unknown age who has raised Dev and instructs him in every aspect. Aum is privy to the many secrets of the three worlds» the Human world, the Ether and the Nether world. He approves of Ashoka’s reign and the preservation of peace between humans and the nature.

Aum alone is aware of the tremendous potential to Dev’s power and its mystic connection to the sacred flare. Though he exhorts Dev to fight Ahadi to protect Bhara— ta, he is in fact anxious, that once Ahadi learns of Dev‘s origins, then it will be Dev himself who will be at risk 




Episode Director, Story board artist, Matte painting artist, Technical director, QC artist,
3D Visual effects artist, Editor, Production coordinator.  Age no bar, Experience no bar
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